Sustainability & environment

All our business plans are implemented using eco-friendly, energy-saving, cost-effective technologies. Protection of the environment and the safety of our employees have top priority and are laid down in the code of ethics which applies to the entire PCC group. Our understanding of sustainability also includes a long-term partnership with our business partners, social environment and local residents.

Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy in economic, ecological and social terms. We understand these aspects holistically as mutually beneficial components of value-driven growth.
PCC Specialties GmbH commits itself to an ethical and sustainable course of action in all its business activities. All transactions are based on the principles of the chemical industry’s world-wide initiative, Responsible Care®, the aim of which is to improve, independently of legal requirements, health- and environmental protection as well as industrial safety.

PCC Specialties GmbH aims for a corporate culture in which continuous improvements, sustainable competitiveness and outstanding performance are in tune with the ethical standards of the PCC Group. PCC Specialties GmbH assumes the ethical responsibility for sustainable, economic, ecological and fair business practices.

The company’s social responsibility is an integral part of the corporate philosophy. Training of all PCC Group personnel reflects this and is at a level commensurate with their function, authority and qualifications so that they are able to fulfil the resultant responsibilities.